Hang Around With You (LP/CD Rock&Roll Inc./2-Bit Records, 2012)

1. Hang Around With You; 2. Jump Start; 3. I’m In Love With My Record Collection; 4. Silver Saddle Motel; 5. I Like The Way She’s Mine; 6. Fire Hazard; 7. Watch The Monkees; 8. Where’s The Life Of The Party; 9. Pack All My Troubles; 10. All The World Can Be; 11. The Doctor’s Wife; 12. Counterfeit Twenty; 13. Way Back When; 14. My Baby Wants To Know

Once We Get Started (LP/CD Rock&Roll Inc./Spinout, 2008)

1. Once We Get Started; 2. Two Week Notice; 3. She´ll Be My Ruin; 4. ATM Inside; 5. Katy Did; 6. 18 Wheels of Love; 7. With The One I Love; 8. Hole in My Heart; 9. I´ll Wait for You; 10. Slack Jawed And Trout Mouthed; 11. Here With You; 12. Boom Chicka Boom; 13. Where The Lonely Go; 14. We´re All On That Train

Rockin´ Spree (CD, Rock&Roll Inc., 2006)

1. Foundation Rock; 2. Rockin’ Spree; 3. Wild Romance; 4. Call Me The Wolfman; 5. I Found My Baby (On My Lost Weekend); 6. Ain’t No Beatle; 7. Gear Bustin’ Sort Of A Feller; 8. One Note Joe; 9. That Rock & Roll Beat; 10. Panic; 11. Johnny, Jim & Jack; 12. Bugle Ann; 13. Top Shelf; 14. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.

The Fine Art Of Making Mistakes (CD, 2-Bit, 2006)


Transatlantic Dynamite (CD, Rock&Roll Inc./Spinout 2006)

1. I’d Rather Be You; 2. Little Devil;3. Fine and Dandy; 4. I Like that Peggy Jones; 5. I’m Gonna Haunt You; 6. I Like You; 7. Shake in the Middle; 8. Confession of Love; 9. Come Home to Me; 10. Stick Around; 11. Everybody Knows; 12. Stand by my Baby; 13. How Will I Know?;  14. I’ll Be True

Eddie Angel Meets The Beatles (CD, Spinout, 2005)


That Rock & Roll Beat (CD Spinout 2005, LP Sound flat)


Lost Weekend (CD Spinout 2004, LP Soundflat)


In The Spotlight (CD, Spinout, 2001)


Panic (CD, 2-Bit, 1998)



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